What you will learn with this eBook

  • Diet desserts can be tasty!

    We will debunk the common knowledge that beign in a diet is boring and everything has a dull taste . All the recipes in this book has an awesome taste!

  • Diet with chocolate!

    You will learn how to manage the amount and type of chocolate to use it in your low calories recipes!

  • Sugar free, keto friendly & healthy

    Desserts can also be part of the keto diet or the life of a person with diabetes. With the certain combination of ingredientes, we can make awesome plates that fits all peoples lifestyle!

  • Desserts can be easy & quick to do!

    You don't need to be a professional chef to make a great dessert. We have easy & quick recipes to do, with simple ingredients, providing instructions every step of the way!

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  • Clear and step by step instructions per recipe, very easy to do & follow!
  • List of ingredients & tools needed for each recipe, so you know exactly what you need to make them
  • High resolution pictures of each dessert, even if looks impossible, this is a low calorie dessert!.

A word from the Author

In 2017 i started a changing process in my life, where i started to take more serious my health and what i eat. I followed the keto diet for a year and half, where i lost around 40kg. In that process i learned that i was pretty addicted to sweet things. The urges to eat something sweet after a meal for me where insanely strong. In that scenario, and knowing that i couldn't just grab a chocolate bar if i wanted to lose fat & weight, i started to research how to cook desserts for myself, that had a good taste, that can be attractive to the sight, that could be low calories, sugar free & low in carbohydrates. This book is the result of that experience. I'm not a chef, not even close, i'm just a an average guy that needed a sweet low calorie snack after the meal, that wouldn't take hours to prepare and that could match any commercial sweet/dessert in the market.

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